Mongolian Creeping Crud


So, I’ve finally come down with the Bronchial Disease of the week.  Steve had it last week.  I’m not sure whether I got it from him, or from the exposure to the toxic-mold-and-guck-infested  walk-in cooler that I helped clean out on Wednesday.  By Thursday night, I started to feel lousy.  By Friday, it was much worse (and of coarse, I spent all day at work…).  Today, my head doesn’t hurt as bad, but I have no voice!  Some would say that’s a good thing!!  A Jameson and Honey would taste good right about now!

Packing Up

Time to put the Christmas stuff away.  Kind of sad to see it go.  I love the lights and all the ornaments.  I love the memories all the ornaments bring.

Paper Whites

Amazing!  Look at how much these Paper Whites have grown.  Two of the bulbs have flower buds!  The roots have really gone to town, too.  Can’t wait to see what they look like when they bloom!

Winter Sunrise

Yeah, it’s out of focus, but the colors are really neat.  This was the view I got leaving for work one morning.  The real think looked much much nicer.

No Two Are Alike

Crocheted Christmas ornament.  This one stays out all year long.  I love it.  I have about 8 or 9 different ones.  My Grandma made them many many many years ago.  They are each unique, just like snowflakes should be.!

The Weathership, part 2

This is the indoor monitor for my Weathership.  Lots of cool informatin…and it even has a ‘backlight’ so I can read it in the dark, when I want to…

And BTW….this day will forever be remembered for the worst football game EVER played by any team ANYWHERE!  LSU Tigers: ZERO, Alabama Crimson Tide: 21 for the 2011 BCS championship.  As Sarah put on her picture blog:  ‘seaux sad’.  That does not begin to describe it.  The event does not even warrant a photo, but I just had to mention it for posterity’s sake.

My weather monitor was more interesting, and far less stressful than watching the game…  🙁

Mood Lighting

I think Christmas lights should stay up all year long.  Since we already had the white lights on the patio, we added the colored lights for the holiday.  I think they will stay up for the rest of the year.  Nothing fancy.  It just makes me smile!

Oink Oink

My little buddy, that sits on my desk.  The nose is removable.  and evidently can be interchanged with other little critters you can get.

Resting for the Winter

The garden looks soooo sad…waiting for spring.  A few sweet peppers are hanging on.  They will maybe re-seed in the spring.  After the next good rain, hopefully we’ll get it turned over with the tiller to work-in some of the leaves for mulch.

The Weathership

My new toy…a gift from Steve and Sarah: Officially named “The Weathership”, this little wonder has an indoor wireless monitor that keeps me updated on wind speed and direction, rainfall rate and total amounts, dewpoint, temperature,  barometric pressure, and a plethora of other atmospheric goodies.  I love it!  Can you tell?